Dragon Ball: Plan To Eradicate The Super Saiyans

Doragon bôru: Sûpâ saiyajin zetsumetsu keikaku    

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Dragon Ball: Plan To Eradicate The Super Saiyans

Dragon Ball: Plan To Eradicate The Super Saiyans

The heroes track Dr. Raichi down to the Dark Planet and engage him, discovering that his Ghost Warriors are generated by a machine called Hatchiyack, a device powered by the hatred of the Tuffles. It is also revealed that Dr. Raichi is a Ghost Warrior himself, generated by Hatchiyack. The heroes manage to destroy Dr. Raichi, but he re-materializes himself. Fortunately, Vegeta manages to vaporize Dr. Raichi preventing him from re-materializing again. However, Dr. Raichi’s spite towards the Saiyans causes Hatchiyack to exceed its limit and appear in a powerful android body, whose power matches or perhaps even exceeds Broly‘s according to Goku. Hatchiyack devastates the heroes until the Saiyans, after having transformed into their Super Saiyan states, combine their powers together into one massive wave of energy; with Goku using Super Kamehameha, Gohan using Super Masenko, Future Trunks using Burning Attack, Vegeta using Final Flash (but fired it in a Maximum Flasher-style), and Piccolo usingSpecial Beam Cannon (Piccolo participates in the final struggle only in the 2010 version), thus ending the threat of the Ghost Warriors. Before the entire planet explodes due to the fierce battle, Goku and the Z Fighters are transported back to Earth via Instant Transmission.

Some scenes were deleted while others were changed from the original movie. The Z Fighters never encounter and fight the monsters guarding the Destron Gas machines. There are machines in Satan City and Jingle Village in the 2010 version. When the Z Fighters find the Destron Gas machine in West City, the Saiyans are all already in Super Saiyan form in the original versions, while they are in base form and only Vegeta transforms to destroy the machine in the remake. The others then transform for the fight against the Ghost Warriors. Also, it is Bulma who comes help the Z Fighters after they are pinned down by the Ghost Warriors (scene not present in the original, except for the in-game scenes when the player loses the fight), instead of Goku being helped by King Kai. Goku does not fight God Guardon on Raichi’s planet in the remake. Hatchiyack’s gems are notably recolored from blue to green. In the original OVAs, Piccolo has no Senzu Beans with him and he does not join the Beam Struggle against Hatchiyack.

Dragon Ball: Plan To Eradicate The Super Saiyans

Dragon Ball: Plan To Eradicate The Super Saiyans
Dragon Ball: Plan To Eradicate The Super Saiyans
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